ABOUT me, my fam, and I.

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ABOUT me, my fam, and I.

Love the one whose always got your back!

Do you really want to know about me?

My name is Jennifer.  I am a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, creative mind and “never happy unless I’m challenged” kinda gal. I have an amazing husband (James), two fabulous kids (Emma & Evan) and two fun-loving dogs (Lewis & Clarke). I’m old enough to have experienced a number of things in my life, but right here, right now, is where I want to be – a boutique hotel owner and manager, or what the French call a “hotelier” (oh, so boujee) .

My family is the owner of The Grove Hotel and creator (and previous partner) of The Grove Brew House. When I finished law school in Windsor, I could not have imagined that my years of education and practice, would have led me to a career in hospitality.  Honestly, it really didn’t – it was my husband and his family who always had my back, and thankfully the confidence in me to allow us to pursue this opportunity.

The Grove has been was a wonderful education in decorating and design, hospitality, leadership, rolling with the punches, and working within your community. I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now (except maybe retired on a beach in Costa Rica…yes, Costa Rica, that would be very nice).

I’d love to hear from you… contact me, anytime at [email protected]