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What the heck happens now?

Well, we hoped and prayed, and prayed some more, but unfortunately the mother-of-a-virus had a different plan.  Windsor-Essex area is now the next community to fall into “grey status” – which essentially means that were back to where we once were …LOCKDOWN!

Although the hotel is deemed essential and therefore, we will remain open for business, we don’t feel we would be responsible business owners if we didn’t support our guests in making wise and responsible travel decisions.  We will be here, disinfectant in hand, if you need us.  However, if you choose to postpone your visit, we understand, and we will try our best to support you in that decision.  We hope wholeheartedly that you will plan a visit again, as soon as you can – the pandemic has been devastating to many small businesses, and ours is no different – we need your support more than ever and man, we’ll miss you. #COVID19sucks

So, we’ve made the following compromises to ensure that we are offering our guests fair and equitable options:

Covid Status Chart from grey to green

While in grey status, we will be changing our cancellation policy to 24 HOURS – this means that you will have up to 4:00pm the day prior to your scheduled arrival to cancel without penalty.

Depending on the impact of this announcement, there may be a need to reduce some of our staffing hours.  We promise to keep you informed of any changes that may impact you.  However, to help us in this regard, your communication with respect to your arrival time will be of the upmost importance.  Please keep us informed and we will happily work with you to ensure a smooth and professional check-in experience, even if we can’t welcome you personally.  We thank you in advance for your understanding (and believe us when we say this isn’t the way we want it to be, but we are doing everything we can to get through this craziness).


GREY STATUS – we’ve decided (despite what we both agreed to only a couple weeks or so ago), to allow you to REBOOK YOUR STAY.  The new date must be chosen at the time of cancellation and must be booked before April 30, 2021.  The booking will be subject to room availability and the same date and room restrictions will apply OR should you choose, we will transfer your payment into a GIFT CERTIFICATE which you can use for any future stays (booked at regular rates, but no expiry date).

RED STATUS – should you decide to cancel your non-refundable booking when we are in red status, we will transfer your payment to a GIFT CERTIFICATE which you can apply to any future stay (booked at regular rates, no expiry date).

ORANGE TO GREEN STATUS – it’s time to celebrate a return to some normalcy and our return to regular cancellation and non-refundable booking policies).

We hope you agree, even though we may all be freaking out a little, that we’ve offered you piece of mind and the opportunity to responsibly plan a trip now or later – whatever is appropriate under your circumstances.  Either way, we can’t wait to welcome you to THE GROVE HOTEL, and we promise to keep a cocktail ready for the “bash of the decade” that we are already planning when this is mess is over.

Stay safe friends.  Air-hugs and fist pumps,

The Cool Kids at The Grove Hotel  XOX