Oh, how we’ve missed you MR. FISH FLY

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Oh, how we’ve missed you MR. FISH FLY


There are so many wonderful things about living on Lake Erie, but we all know that everything can’t be rainbows and unicorns all the time.  They’re coming (cue the scary music)…and if you are too, you are about to experience one of the marvels of Lake Erie… the MAYFLY, aka Ephemeroptera, Dayfly, Drake, Fishfly, Sandfly, Shadfly.

The annual Mayflies (or “Fish Flies” as us locals call them), have arrived.  Although we have absolutely no control over when, how long they last or how many there are, we want to be fair to anyone planning a trip to the area in the next few weeks and to give you warning before you arrive or before you wake up in the morning and wonder, OMG what the F*  happened?!*?

These friendlies are really just a pure nuisance and are one of the joys of living on the lake (total sarcasm there).  Once we get past the two weeks of leaf blowing and snow shoveling, we absolutely love the fact that it’s an indication of a clean and healthy eco-system.  WE REASSURE THAT THESE INSECTS ARE COMPLETELY HARMLESS.  They do come with an unpleasant smell but they don’t last long – their actual life span is less than a day, sometimes only a few hours.  We encourage you to take some time to marvel at the significance of these insects and to even take some time to pick up one or two to take a closer look…we’re not kidding, they are actually kind of cool, in a train wreck kind of way.

If you would like further information on surviving the Fish Fly Apocalypse, CLICK HERE – for all the tips and tricks you will need to survive a massive May Fly swarm.  Don’t be scared.  Just think…it will give you something else very cool to tell your family and friends about your trip to Kingsville.